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Certification completion is easy! Follow these steps and you will become a Certified Tech in no time! 

(for questions or concerns, please email us at customersupport@endlessglow.com

Online Certification Steps:

  • Find the series 1 of your certification - either Tan or Glow Tech
  • Keep track of your progress as you go through the certification if you need to leave and come back (once you log out you will be taken back to the home page when you log back in)
  • Not every certification video has a quiz attached. The videos that do are the VERY most important and relevant part of your certification. Quizzes will need to be completed at a success of 75% or higher in order to complete your certification.
  • All video's and learning material is available to you as a Certified Tech as long as you are in good standing with Endless Glow.


Cost: Included with Technician Start Up Kits

Course Description: 

  • Detailed Application
  • Operating and owning your own home base business
  • Business Marketing Education (includes Free Marketing Tools)
  • Professional Equipment Usage and Maintenance
  • Endless Glow Concept- Open House Parties, “The quickest way to build your clientele”
  • Personalized website and online office training
  • Retail and Professional Product Education
  • Industry Education
  • Client Retention and Interaction Course Format

A series of video’s and presentations followed by a few short quizzes.

Rising Start Training:

Cost: $129.00

(Can be purchased in addition to your start up kit after you have been certified for a min of 3 months)

Course Description: Receive expert face to face instruction and feedback from one of Endless Glow’s Certified Instructors to further your confidence and give an edge for the industry. Instructors will help you perfect your application, increase your client satisfaction and retention ensuring your delivery of the perfect application every time. Help you see what your clients may or not be telling you and help you contribute to your bottom line. 

Requirements: Complete online Certification and be a Tech for a min of 3 months

Location and Times: Email customersupport@endlessglow.com for current locations and times as they vary state to state

Time: 5 hour personal hands on training